Release of Awards to Senior Executives under the LTIP

08 April 2008

RPS Group Plc announces that the Remuneration Committee has granted the following nil cost share awards under the RPS Group Plc Long-Term Incentive Plan ("LTIP") to the Executive Directors.

In accordance with the rules of the LTIP, Awards were made on 8 April 2007 and calculated at a price of £3.10 per ordinary share (the closing share price on the preceding dealing day) as follows:-

Executive Director LTIP Award as % of Salary Face Value of Awards Share Price on Award Number of Shares subject to LTIP Award
Peter Dowen 60.00% £136,800 £3.10 44,129
Dr Alan Hearne 100.00% £395,000 £3.10 127,419
Andrew Troup 60.00% £120,000 £3.10 38,709
Phil Williams 80.00% £192,000 £3.10 61,935
Gary Young 80.00% £160,000 £3.10 51,612

The shares subject to the LTIP awards will only be released to the Executive Directors in three years time subject to their continued employment and the satisfaction of the earnings per share growth targets. 12.5% of shares will be released for eps growth of 3% per annum over RPI, with a full release only occurring for eps growth per annum over RPI of 10% or above.