Release of Awards to Executive Directors under the Group LTIP

20 May 2008

RPS Group plc announces the release of conditional share awards granted on 18 May 2005 under the RPS Group plc Long-Term Incentive Plan (the "LTIP") to the following Executive Directors.

In accordance with the rules of the LTIP and based on the Company achieving average basic earnings per share growth of a minimum of 10%p.a. over a three year holding period, 100% of the shares subject to the awards have been released. As a consequence on 18 May 2008 the following Executive Directors became the legal and beneficial owners of the following number of ordinary shares of the Company at a price of £3.4175 per ordinary share:

Executive Number of
Ordinary Shares
Peter Dowen 86,331
Dr Alan Hearne 178,417
Andrew Troup 75,540
Gary Young 66,906

On 19 May 2008 the Executive Directors sold the number of ordinary shares of the Company set out against their names at a price of £3.368421 per share.

On 19 May 2008 Gary Young exercised 27,500 options at a price 111p under the Executive Share Option (Number 2) Scheme, which he is retaining.