SIP Announcement

06 November 2015

On 06 November 2015 as a result of the purchase and allotment by the RPS Group Plc Share Incentive Plan (an HM Revenue & Customs approved all employee share purchase plan), the executive directors of the Company and persons discharging management responsibility have the following interests as a result of their personal participation in the Plan:-

06 Nov 2015

Purchase of Shares on 03 Nov 2015 £2.34 per share Allotment of Matching Shares 03 Nov 2015 £2.34 per share Total number of Partnership, Matching and Dividend shares held on 06 Nov 2015
Gary Young 54 54 17,766
Philip Williams 54 54 11,581
Alan Hearne 54 54 14,200

The beneficial ownership of the Matching Shares will pass to the directors in three years' time subject to continued employment and the retention of the underlying Partnership Shares.