LTIP 2021 performance targets

12 August 2021

RPS, a leading multi-sector global professional services firm, confirms the targets applicable to the 2021 grant of LTIP awards made on 16 March 2021, to John Douglas, Chief Executive and Judith Cottrell, Group Finance Director.

In the 2020 Annual Report on Remuneration, contained within the Annual Report & Accounts the Remuneration Committee confirmed that due to the continuing uncertainty arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic that the Committee would finalise the EPS and Cash Conversion targets following the release of the Interim Results. The targets for the 2021 LTIP cycle are as follows:


Performance measure


Measurement period

Performance targets

Vesting level (% maximum)


Total Shareholder Return relative to the FTSE All Share index




Three years.


Upper Quartile


Below median


Between median and upper quartile







Pro rata on a straight-line basis between 20% and 100%


Earnings Per Share (measured on a constant currency basis)




Performance in year 3




Below 8p


Between 8p and 12p






Pro-rata on a straight-line basis between 20% and 100%


Cash conversion (1)




Assess performance against the average result of years 2 and 3




Below 80%


Between 80% and 100%






Pro rata on a straight-line basis between 20% and 100%


I.       In 2020, the Company achieved an exceptionally high cash conversion rate of over 200%. This was driven by unwinding of working capital arising from reduced fees, low lock up driven by clients paying early during the pandemic, and COVID-19 schemes allowing deferral of payroll and VAT taxes. We expect these to unwind in 2021 and have experienced some of this in H2 2021. This may result in a negative conversion in 2021, making it very difficult to set a useful year 1 target and we are therefore only setting targets for years 2 and 3


Catherine Glickman
Remuneration Committee Chair
12 August 2021



David Gormley                                                                                                            01235 438016
Company Secretary


Notes to editors

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